Design Your Dream B&B System

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My 3-Step System helps you overcome the obstacles most aspiring Bed and Breakfast owners face when trying to launch their B&B

To get the most out of this system we recommend starting at Step 1 and completely following all 3 steps. However, people who have already determined that B&B ownership is definitely for them may want to start at Step 2 and follow through to Step 3.




Provides you with the tools to clearly define why you want to own a B&B – so you avoid being trapped in the B&B nightmare of not having enough time and money to enjoy life.

Get started right now by downloading your FREE ebook 3 Questions Everyone Who Wants to Own a Bed and Breakfast Asks - or Should.



Shows you how to analyze any property to make sure it will provide the time and money to do the things you want.

If you have completed Step 1 or already know for sure that owning a B&B is definitely for you, then Jump Right In to Step 2 by taking my online course Learn How Much Your Future B&B Can Earn.


Develop a PLAN

Helps you to develop a business plan for financing – and that provides a roadmap for running a successful business. for the first three years.

Completion of Step 2 is definitely required before beginning Step 3. We will have more information coming soon on Step 3 for those who have completed Step 2. If this is you and your're ready to start Step 3, Contact Susan today.