Design Your Dream B&B

Is Owning a Bed & Breakfast Right for You?

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Hi there!

If you like to…

    • meet new people,
    • entertain, and
    • take pride in your home

…then you have the makings of a good bed and breakfast owner!

It’s a great lifestyle - if you are prepared and understand the reality of it. There is no other job that mixes your business and personal life together like this one!

Many people love the IDEA of owning a B&B, but once the realization sets in that they will be opening their home to strangers, that’s when they get start to question the whole idea.

When I opened my B&B, I had to take a leap of faith that it would work out OK. I was a single mom in my 50’s and I was going to have to invest all my savings plus take out a loan to be able to do this.

Hi, my name is Susan Poole, and people know me as The B&B Coach. I have made my living from the award-winning 40 Bay Street Bed and Breakfast, since 2006.

We’re located in a seasonal tourist town and my 3 rooms generate enough money to live on in five months. It’s a wonderful life and lifestyle and I want to help you find out if owning a B&B might be right for you.

If you’ve done any research into owning or starting a B&B, you know it can be very frustrating. Most of the books talk about how to run one, and courses are usually held on-site, which requires a large investment between the travel, accommodation and registration costs.

Not only that, everything is based on the assumption that you’ve already decided this is something you want to do. Most B&B owners will say “well, it depends…” but don’t explain on what – or how to answer those really important questions!

So, what does it depend on?​

    • Your location - is it seasonal or year-round?
    • How many rooms will you have?
    • What will your guests want in order to stay at your B&B?

It’s questions like these that inspired me to create my “Design Your Dream B&B” System, so you can actually “think through” some of these initial important questions and concepts, prior to taking the leap and investing a lot of time and money into a “dream” that actually may be a nightmare!

Let me help you sidestep the pitfalls, EARLY in the process

Inside “Design Your Dream B&B” Mini-course you’ll discover:

    • The 5 things you need to understand to have the B&B of your dreams. That way, you’ll look forward to getting up everyday – it won’t feel like “work”, even though you are earning an income!
    • How to create a bed and breakfast that you love – and so do your guests. Their rave reviews will guarantee a steady flow of guests just like them!
    • The opportunity to spend 30 minutes with me to discuss your results and ask your questions!
    • And much more!

But don’t take my word for it…see what people who have completed the course have to say:

"I recently finished the mini course on how to start a bed and breakfast. I was amazed at how many aspects of the trade I had never considered. This course definitely gets you thinking about what your ideal bed and breakfast would be and if it is actually a good fit for you to run”

Art Staples

"I've really been enjoying your short course on setting up a B & B. It's made me realize just how little I've thought about the practicalities of owning a B & B....Your course is giving me a lot of things to think about!

Felicity Fields

Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a property only to find out you can’t make enough to pay the bills?

Why waste years dreaming of owning a B&B – only to find out it’s not what you thought?

Why tie yourself down to a job where you spend your days and nights dreading who is going to walk through the door to stay?

I usually charge $47 for this enlightening little mini-course,

but for a limited time you can download your copy for just $27…

For less than the cost of a coffee and scone for a week, you could have the answers to your questions and the peace of mind knowing if owning a B&B is really the right thing for you – and the opportunity to discuss your results with me!

Not only will you save yourself a ton of time and money, the “Design Your Dream B&B” mini-course will present you with a series of e-mails over the course of one week.

Each email contains a simple yet powerful lesson that will help you get clear on what your dream B&B will look like, and best of all, each lesson builds on the one before, so when you reach the end, you will know your dream bed and breakfast will work.

And don’t worry… If you have any questions before the end, all you have to do is hit reply and ask, because I answer all my emails personally.

This is such an important decision and I know firsthand how tough it is to try and make it on your own, and that’s why I’m happy to share my knowledge and experience with you, so you are supported along your journey.

Here’s a bit more of what you can expect when you enroll in “Design Your Dream B&B” mini-course today:

    • Simple, clear and easy to follow exercises that will help you get clear on your dream B&B - (and fill you with excitement that you are approaching the process, the right way)
    • Real-life stories from B&B owners (including myself) that will not only challenge your perceptions, but help you focus on the things that matter most at this early stage of research, and
    • whether owning a B&B is really what you think it is.

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