10 Reasons Why B&B Owners Don’t Need Gym Memberships

We all know what the benefits of exercise are!  And I have good news for potential bed and breakfast owners…owning a bed and breakfast comes with a full body work-out – every day of the week!  The tasks required to run a B&B provide owners with built-in aerobic and strength training – here are the ones I participated in on a daily basis!

For your lower body:

  1. Climbing the stairs – to escort new guests to their rooms, clean the rooms (minimum two trips for taking dirty dishes, etc, down and more supplies back up), move laundry between the washer/dryer/linen closet, etc.

2. Running around the kitchen – frying eggs, making toast and plating food for six people all at the same time

For your upper body:

3.  Carrying baskets- of wet laundry from the laundry room to the clothesline

4.  Inserting duvets into the clean covers (this provides both strength and aerobic exercise at the same time as far as I’m concerned!)

5.  Lifting mattresses when stripping and making the beds

6.  Many repetitions from scrubbing showers, bathtubs, mirrors and sinks; washing bathroom and kitchen floors; vacuuming rugs; ironing pillowcases, pillow protectors and duvet covers, carrying trays of plated food from the kitchen to the dining area, carrying trays of dirty dishes from the dining area to the kitchen.

Core exercises

7.  Stretches when trying to reach the supplies located on the highest shelf in the storage room, kitchen cupboard and closets shelves

8.  Crunches – when hauling supplies from the bottom shelf in the storage room, bottom drawer of the kitchen, hidden items under the beds, etc.

9.  Planking – when dusting under beds and large pieces of furniture.

10.  Carrying multiple and heavy bags of groceries, soil for the garden, etc.

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