Pros and Cons of Building Your Dream Bed and Breakfast Business

What happens when you ignore reality to pursue your dream bed and breakfast business?

The pros are:

  • You have exactly the type of B&B you want and will enjoy
  • You will only get the type people you wish to have as guests
  • It is your home and you won’t have to compromise your dream
  • You will only need to focus on the B&B business, and not have to worry about anything else

The consequences are:

  • Travellers are not willing to compromise on their top requirements
  • Potential guests must feel they are getting good value for their money
  • On-line travel reviews play a big role in consumer choice – people who are unhappy can play havoc with those ratings – and not all review sites allow you to post your bed and breakfast business side of things
  • Location plays a huge role in guest choice – generally their original reason for coming to your area is not just to stay for you. (See the post: The #1 question every bed and breakfast owner needs to be able to answer)

So, what are travellers looking for?

From: “Q3: Survey Says: Thousands of travelers and innkeepers share the inside scoop  (Members Only Webinar), November 22, 2010. Slide #29

Please note, this survey was done in 2010. In my experience, expectations in most of the categories listed have increased.

So, how easy is it to change your dream to meet the reality?

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