5 Ways to Increase Revenue at your Bed and Breakfast

Did you know it is cheaper to get more money from an existing customer than to have to go out and find a new one?  It doesn’t matter what the business is…including a bed and breakfast business.

Why am I telling you this if you don’t own a B&B?  When you begin your B&B, starting off by incorporating these tips at the beginning will be easier than trying to introduce them at a later date.

Here are 5 great ways to maximize revenue from your guests in your bed and breakfast business:

  1. Try to increase the length of their stay
  2. Create packages or add-ons to the room rate
  3. Once people are on-site, if you have vacancies, offer them a discount to stay an extra night/s
  4. Offer different room rates and free upgrades when possible
  5. Have gift certificates for birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons, seasonal holidays, etc.

Note – in order to make any of these suggestions increase revenue for you, you need to know your costs.

For details on how to make these suggestions work for you, please watch the video

Anyone who has a sales and marketing background will tell you it is cheaper to “up-sell” an existing client than go out and find new ones.  A successful bed and breakfast business will need to do some of each, as you will always need to be replenishing your stock of existing clients!

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