It’s time to take the guesswork out of owning a bed and breakfast!

Almost twenty years ago, I started researching whether owning a B&B would bring me the income and personal fulfillment I was seeking.

Times have not changed. People from all over the world dream about the same thing…but they tell me there isn’t a lot of information out there, and everything assumes you have already made your decision that this is something you want to do.

Do you love to... 



See people having a good time?

If you answered yes,  do you want to turn that passion into owning a bed and breakfast? Do you want to take the guesswork out of the decision-making process to make sure it will be everything you are hoping for – before you risk a penny?

Hi, I’m Susan Poole, The B&B Coach and former owner of the award-winning 40 Bay Street Bed & Breakfast, located in Parry Sound, Canada. My B&B was in a seasonal tourist town and made three times as much money as the other local B&Bs with just 3 rooms. I made a living by working just 5 months a year!

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What do I do?

I help people learn how much income they can create from a bed and breakfast, how much work it will be, the risks involved, and how to turn your dream B and B into a prosperous business.  Through my hands-on guidance  and support, you will go through a process that shows you what questions you need to ask, and how to find the answers based on your wants and needs – not some cookie-cutter solution.

You will also learn how to avoid the mistakes I made that cost me three years, $100,000 and a lot of white hairs, so that you can move forward with confidence and the knowledge that you can make a go of it financially, and still have a great life!

I know my system works – and I guarantee it! I promise to be at your side every step of the way – and once you open your B&B, I am still here for you!

Don’t take my word for it – check out what other people who have worked with me have to say.

My work has been recognized throughout the industry on an international level. I have been interviewed by Martha Stewart Live Radio, MoneySense Magazine and a variety of web-zines . I am a regular contributor of articles on owning a B&B within the industry.

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The official bio


Susan Poole, The B&B Coach

Susan spent over 20 years as a senior manager helping organizations that were in crisis get back on track. Her talents lay in motivating everyone involved to embrace the same vision, showing people what would be required to make that vision a reality and creating and implementing the business and financial plans to make it happen.

Susan began her research almost 20 years ago into whether owning a bed and breakfast could provide her with the income to enjoy the lifestyle she envisioned.  

There was nothing that could help her determine how much money she could make, so she used the skills she had developed in her corporate life to take a calculated risk and open her B&B.

Although she was a success from the very beginning, there were a number of lessons she had to learn the hard way (she calculates she wasted 3 years and about $100,000 getting things right). After receiving many requests for help from people thinking about owning a bed and breakfast themselves, she became The B&B Coach, with her world headquarters located in Parry Sound , Ontario, Canada (a.k.a. her B&B’s kitchen).

If you have questions for Susan, contact her at susan.bandbcoach@gmail.com.