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10 (Almost) Free Ways to Promote Your B&B Property
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Have You Thought About Running a B&B?
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Starting a bed and breakfast requires money
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5 ways to be green at a bed & breakfast
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Knowing how-to start a bed and breakfast can be very confusing!
In many smaller towns (and even some larger urban cities), many bed and breakfasts got started because of special events[...]
Dealing with Stress – Part 2
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Dealing With Stress – Part 1
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3 Key Factors to consider when starting a bed and breakfast
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Starting a bed and breakfast? Learn to set goals!
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Bed and Breakfast Gift Certificates
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It’s scary knowing if owning a b and b is right for you
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Opening a bed and breakfast? How to choose a name
Getting the name right for your bed and breakfast will be one of the crucial elements to your business success. [...]
Running a bed and breakfast? It’s hard on friendships!
What do you call someone who is a chef, concierge, IT technician, plumber, electrician, administrative assistant, bookkeeper, bellboy, procurement agent,[...]
Key traits of a successful bed and breakfast owner
It is the type of person that you are that will make or break your success as a b and[...]
Questions can be a bed and breakfast owner’s best friend
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The Pros and Cons of Owning a Bed & Breakfast – My Point of View
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A bed and breakfast owner has to be prepared for anything
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What is a bed and breakfast business plan?
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The most important thing you need to do as a bed and breakfast owner
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How a Business Plan Can Help Overcome Fear
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For Every Pro There is Always a Consequence (and a Solution)
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Pictures are a B&B Owner’s Best Friend
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Owning a B&B – One Person’s Dream, Another’s Nightmare!
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How to start a bed and breakfast
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Dealing with Special Diets at Bed and Breakfasts
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The Pros and Cons of Accepting Credit Cards at a Bed and Breakfast
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5 Warning Signs You’ve Got Troubles at Your Bed and Breakfast
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Top 3 Mistakes Aspiring Bed and Breakfast Owners Make Before Starting Their B&B – #3
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Top 3 Mistakes Aspiring Bed and Breakfast Owners Make Before Starting Their B&B – #2
Mistake #2 – Not understanding your potential guests There are three common mistakes that have long-term impacts on the success[...]
Top 3 Mistakes Aspiring Owners Make Before Starting Their B&B – #1
Mistake #1 – Not understanding the local marketplace There are three common mistakes people make before starting their bed and[...]
What type of Bed & Breakfast owner will you be?
Recently I did a survey to get followers' input into my planning for 2019. Needless to say, some of the[...]
Financing is one of the hardest steps for aspiring Bed & Breakfast Owners
Financing for a bed and breakfast is one of the most difficult roadblocks to overcome. Several of the questions I[...]
Having Your Own Zen Spot is Critical for Bed and Breakfast Owners
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Is THIS the reason you aren’t running your bed and breakfast yet?
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What’s the perfect location for a bed and breakfast?
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Think “easy” when starting your bed and breakfast
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Breakfast is More Than a Meal You Serve
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Making Lemonade – The Thing to do When the World Hands You Lemons
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How to Clean Like Martha Stewart
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Living the Dream in Austria
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Should you consider purchasing an existing bed and breakfast?
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How to make sure owning a bed and breakfast is right for you.
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From Burnout to Bed & Breakfast Owner
Let me take a moment to introduce myself – I’m Susan Poole, and I am known as The B&B Coach. [...]
Routines make the daily running a bed and breakfast easier!
Many people ask me what it takes to run a bed and breakfast.  Since 60% of my guests stay only[...]
Does this sound like you?
Talking to many people who are contemplating opening a B&B, fear is one of the biggest things holding them back[...]
Single and wondering if you can own a bed and breakfast?
There are a lot of single people (especially women) who ask me:  Can I own a bed and breakfast by myself?[...]
How can I get hands-on experience at a bed and breakfast?
Editor's Update:  If you are looking for looking for a long-term experience working at a bed and breakfast, check out[...]
Starting a bed and breakfast in Europe: Key figures and tips
Dreaming of owning a bed and breakfast in Europe?  Check out these important facts and figures about the reality.  [...]
How to run a bed and breakfast – successfully
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Bed and Breakfast Owners Need to “Insure” They Don’t Lose Their Shirt
Bed and breakfast owners face many challenges when starting up their new business.  It isn’t always just the lenders who[...]
Owning a Bed and Breakfast is all about Trade-offs
Having a clear picture of what you want from owning a bed and breakfast will help you determine if the[...]
The best advice I was given before starting my bed and breakfast
Establishing how you will handle family and friends’ visits during busy times at your bed and breakfast will help prevent[...]
Can you run a B&B with small children at home?
Running a b&b with small children requires you to first determine whether your ideal guests would want to stay in[...]
Is your bed and breakfast business ready for guests?
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The #1 Question every Bed and Breakfast Owner Needs to Be Able to Answer
Bed and breakfast owners need to be able to answer the first question potential guests always ask - how far[...]
Financing a Bed and Breakfast – it ain’t easy Getting the Green!
Find out more about CCN that helps American bed and breakfast/inn owners and aspiring owners with sourcing funding for the purchase[...]
How to create brochures for your bed and breakfast business
The other day I got the following question via e-mail: "We are developing our new brochure and just wanted to[...]
Running a b and b is a balancing act
There is no right or wrong way to run a bed and breakfast.  You have to do what is right[...]
The shocking truth about owning a bed and breakfast
Owning a bed and breakfast isn't always fun and games.  It is a lot of hard work and you need[...]
How much money can you make owning a bed and breakfast business?
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5 Pros and Cons to Owning a Bed and Breakfast
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