Breakfast is More Than a Meal You Serve

If you want to own a bed and breakfast, chances are you have a collection of breakfast recipes you keep adding too.  And that’s a good thing – after all, it is half the name!

B&B owners take great price and work hard at creating a wonderful, multi-course meal.  They set a beautiful table and work hard at timing everything perfectly.  On top of that, they encourage and keep the conversation flowing amongst the guests and inject a lot of their own personality into the experience.

It is also important to the guests – in a recent summary of hospitality trends and opportunities, it was noted that: “food and beverage is …frequently what guests remember…the quality, atmosphere, variety…”  All you have to do is check out a B&B’s reviews to find out how true that is!

But where we tend to fall down is using our breakfasts as a way to help communicate the value our establishments offer!  Besides our location, our friendly service, our wonderful amenities, our breakfasts are a vital piece of the value we provide, and it’s time we remembered to share that with our potential guests.

Here are some quick and easy ways to share information about your breakfast:

  • Make sure you have a page on your web site dedicated to your breakfast
  • Post some of your recipes to your blog
  • Use social media sharing sites, like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook to show pictures of what you are serving for breakfast
  • Include a link in your e-newsletter to your breakfast page and/or blog post on recipes
  • Make sure you ask guests if they have any dietary requirements or preferences when making their reservation, so you can still prepare a great meal
  • Take pictures of guests enjoying breakfast and get permission to use them to promote your breakfast

What do you think your signature dish is going to be?   Have you tried it yet?  Post a comment below and let us know!

PS  Based on experience, most B&B owners will tell you that you only need a handful of “standbys”, based on the average number of days people tend to stay at your B&B.


  1. Sunny Montgomery

    Our signature dish is smoked salmon eggs bene! And yes, we have about three other standbys as most of our guests stay 2 nights. We also have about 3 vegan breakfasts that we like to use.

    1. Susan Poole Post author

      Hi Sunny:
      Most B&Bs have signature dishes that they are known for – and are generally popular because they reflect the ideal guests’ tastes. Wishing you continued success!

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