Can You Run a Bed and Breakfast on the Weekends Only?

I get a lot of great questions about running a b and b, and recently, several people have been wondering if you can run one on the weekends only.

As the popularity of web sites like AirBnB have increased, it makes it easier to advertise your availability without the large cost of investing in a web site.  However, AirBnB horror stories in the media mean that some municipalities have implemented conditions on properties that offer short-term rental accommodations, It also doesn’t preclude the need for licenses, permits and proper insurance.

Since everyone has different reasons for wanting to own a bed and breakfast, I have some questions I think you need to consider, including:

What will be the impact on your family?

Will you be able to manage the extra work?

Will it financially be worthwhile?

Check out my detailed questions in the following video


Most potential bed and breakfast owners have specific goals they want to accomplish by running a b and b.  If you really love to meet new people, cook and entertain, owning a bed and breakfast can be a great way to do that.  If you wish to turn those passions into a money-making venture, then you must treat the whole idea as you would any business – whether it is a full-time venture, or just on weekends.

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