How to choose a Bed and Breakfast Coach

It is easy to do an internet search for almost anything you can think of these days.  So, with all that information at the tip of your fingers, why would you need a bed and breakfast coach?

An experienced coach will help you to:

  • Clarify and prioritize your goals
  • Identify the barriers that are holding you back
  • Determine what’s working and what’s not
  • Encourage you to acknowledge the skills and talents you have
  • Create an environment and provide tools to keep you motivated and empowered.

In order to find the right B&B coach for you, the first step is for you to determine what you would like to achieve by working with one.

My suggestion is to write a positive statement outlining how you would know you have successfully achieved that goal.  It will help you determine the focus and credentials of the right coach for you – from an expertise point of view.

Here are a couple of examples:

For a start-up bed and breakfast:  “My B&B will open for business on __(date)___.

For an existing bed and breakfast:  “My net income will increase by __% within one fiscal year”.

B&B Coach Qualities

You are now ready to look at the traits of potential bed and breakfast (or other business) coaches to see who would fit best:

  • Do they have bed and breakfast experience?
  • What other types of experience have they had that is useful?
  • Have they worked with others to provide a similar service?
  • What results have they had?
  • What credentials do they bring to the job?
  • What is their coaching style?
    • Do they act as a consultant (i.e. tell you what you should do)?
    • Do they take an advisory role (i.e. make recommendations)?
    • Do they act as a coach (i.e. pull the answers from you)?
  • Is the coach flexible in their approach and offer programs based on what you need, or is it “one-size” fits all?
  • How comfortable do you feel talking to them?
  • Are they a good listener?
  • Finally, do you feel you could work with this person?

My approach as The B&B Coach is to help you figure out:

  • What your idea of success is
  • Break the process down into manageable steps and timelines
  • Where to find the information and options that are available to you to address your issues
  • What the consequences of each option are
  • How to stay on track with your plans

I do this by listening carefully to what you are saying, asking questions to help us both clarify where you are going, changing my approach as our relationship grows and you progress on your journey to success, and remind you to celebrate your successes.  I will not tell you what to do, or how to do it – you have to be comfortable with the journey.

Find out more about me HERE – why I have the credentials to be The B&B Coach, and more about how I work to ensure we have a great relationship!  If you are interested in setting up a no-charge initial session, please don’t hesitate to contact me by replying to this e-mail or calling me at 416-995-8745

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