Considering Starting Up a Bed and Breakfast? “Timely” Information

Running a bed and breakfast is a lot of work. You’d be surprised how you actually end up spending your time.  And, while one person can do it all in the beginning, as you get busier, it becomes more difficult to get everything done.

It’s more than serving breakfast, making beds and greeting guests at the door!

On a daily basis, tasks can include:

  • Making breakfast
  • Serving breakfast
  • Cleaning the dining room and kitchen
  • Stripping, cleaning and making-up the bedrooms
  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Laundry & ironing
  • Tidying common areas
  • Ensuring curb appeal is OK
  • Answering phone calls, e-mails
  • Bookkeeping
  • Looking after those “special touches” that make your B&B unique
  • Playing host to your guests
  • Dealing with unplanned incidents
  • Fitting in personal activities – e.g. doctor’s appointments, visiting with friends, etc.
  • Preparing for the next day


On a weekly basis, common activities include:

  • Planning breakfasts
  • Shopping for food & other supplies
  • Household repairs and maintenance
  • Thoroughly cleaning common areas
  • Paying bills and banking
  • Yard work
  • Marketing your b and b
  • Cleaning family areas of the home

Given that you must accomplish most of these tasks between the hours after guests have checked out and before the next ones check in, you can see that running a bed and breakfast is a lot of work!

A lot of people overlook the actual tasks required when thinking about starting up a bed & breakfast.  And, if you’ve done any research into the topic, I’m sure you’ve come across articles that talked about the need for you to enjoy cooking, cleaning and doing laundry.  And while it is how you will spend a lot of your time, it is the time you spend with your guests that will contribute to your biggest success.

Generally, those articles rarely mentioned the amount of time that you need to be available for your guests!    However, people are paying you to stay in your home, and expect a high level of customer service.  It starts the minute you have the first contact with the guest – either on the phone or through e-mail, until the last goodbyes are said.

Therefore, it is critical that you not only accomplish all that work, but are rested and able to greet guests with a smile!  With all the on-line travel review sites that exist now, people who have stayed at your B&B can – and do! – let the world know how they felt about staying with you.  They may comment on your home, the room they stayed in, the breakfast they ate, and how clean it was, but they almost always mention how they found the hosts.

So, how much do you want to start up a bed & breakfast?  Enough to spend your days doing all the types of tasks that make a b and b successful?

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