Getting Support from Family and Friends for your new B&B

Do you anticipate any resistance to your bed and breakfast plans?  If so, here are some tips to help alleviate it.

If you are anything like I was, you have people in your life who don’t think that you should proceed with your idea of owning a bed and breakfast.  I encountered a lot of push back as I came from a family of teachers – no one could understand why I would give up a regular/guaranteed pay cheque to work for myself.  There was also a lot of concern over how as a single person I would manage all the work.

Just like you, people are worried about you failing too – most people are risk adverse and worry how your failure might impact on them in the long run.  In addition, a lot of people don’t welcome change and can be concerned that your involvement with a new business might shift your priorities away from them.  Finally, they may be confused – especially if you haven’t clearly communicated your ideas to them.  (That’s when sharing your vision boards from the Design Your Dream B&B Mini-course could come in handy.)


To win their support:

  • Pick the right time for the discussion
  • Express your motives for doing this in a way that they can understand
  • Be concrete about what you are planning (and realistic about what you can achieve in the short term)
  • Explain all the advantages there are to owning a bed and breakfast and how you will benefit from each and every one of them (and don’t forget to mention if there will be benefits included for them!)
  • Acknowledge the risks and how you are working to minimize them
  • Listen carefully to what they are saying and address their concerns
  • Be clear if you have any expectations of them to participate in your plans

Not everyone will be won over by following these steps but given time and the opportunity to think through the conversation, you may find the path a little smoother than feelings that were expressed earlier.

The final tip I have is to enlist a family friend who is a successful entrepreneur themselves to speak to people on your behalf.

Have you run into any resistance?  If so, did you overcome it?  How?  I’d love to know! Leave me a comment below.

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