How Often Should Your Breakfast Menu Change?

In a previous post I talked about using breakfast to promote your B&B – “Breakfast is More Than a Meal You Serve”.  If you missed it, CLICK HERE.

A number of people were wondering how much I changed what I served for breakfast.  My response – as little as possible!  I had three savory and three sweet, tried and true recipes that use the same ingredients as a basis.  Doing it this way not only saved time but money too, as I was not buying a lot of different foods that might go to waste.

Knowing Your Guests Helps

After all the years I was in business, I knew what my ideal guests liked and wanted for breakfast (the same types of things I do) and I also knew how long they stayed – which helped tremendously.  I also only had three rooms, so it was easy for me to cook to order.  Depending on your comfort level with short–order cooking and the number of rooms you have, you may not be able to offer a choice of menu like I did.

My Breakfast Menu

My standard breakfast was fresh fruit, served with yogurt and granola and warm-from-the-oven baking; a choice of an egg dish (cooked to order) and/or a sweet dish, like French Toast, waffles or pancakes.  Beverages included coffee, tea and juice.

My favourite egg dish was scrambled eggs.  I offered a choice of ham, cheese or smoked salmon (all of which are chopped and ready to go), plus fresh herbs from the garden.  The plate was garnished with fresh tomatoes and toast and more herbs.

Since less than half of my guests stayed a second night, then next easiest egg dish to offer was an omelet.  The choice of fillings included a choice of roasted red peppers, sautéed mushrooms, and cheese (the variety depended on what I had on hand).

By alternating these two breakfasts, unless people were staying longer than two nights, I simplified my cooking and grocery shopping, plus cut down a waste.

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