How to promote your B&B with a blog

Having a blog on your web site helps your bed and breakfast business.  The best explanation I have heard is:

Content + activity + links = increased search engine rankings.

So, what does that mean?  Basically, blogging helps you to create new content for your web site on a regular basis (activity), this content contains internal links to other pages on your web site and external links to augment the content you are providing.

Here are 10 steps to help you set up your blog and get started:

  1. Read other blogs to get ideas – e.g. other B&Bs (in your area or not!), local attractions and service providers; leave comments with additional information if appropriate.
  2. Have a goal for having a blog (for instance, I used mine to talk about what is happening in the area); create a schedule and put it into your weekly routine!
  3. Do some research on your (potential) readers – ask repeat guests you have a good relationship with, what they want to know about and what they are looking for when they search the web.
  4. Research the keywords and phrases that your audience uses to find you (check your web site analytics for search terms), and then build those words into your content.
  5. Understand that blogging is not a means of selling your B&B, but rather providing potential guests with information so they can make an informed decision. (For instance, Parry Sound has an annual music festival – when the program was out I didn’t blog about my availability, but rather, festival events, performers, dates, etc.)
  6. Make/keep notes of questions your guests and potential guests ask; if you have a FAQ on your web site that would be a good place to get ideas.
  7. Get organized –and create a format that makes it easy to create your content.  Think about seasonal activities, local events, pictures that will augment your posts, key words to be used, links to other web pages within your site and external links.
  8. Use your blogs to create social media postings. (This also creates external links back to your web site.)
  9. Tell a story that engages the reader and encourages them to interact with you.  If writing isn’t your strong point, why not consider a photo blog?
  10. Make sure your blog has social media buttons enabled so that readers can help promote your blog easily by sharing it.

For some great ideas on things to blog about for bed and breakfast, check out this blog post by Heather Turner (a.k.a. Chef Forfeng) entitled 25 blogging ideas for Inns and B&Bs 

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