Making Lemonade – The Thing to do When the World Hands You Lemons

On February 20, 2016 my day started off with a little trepidation… then my world fell apart – although I didn’t quite realize it at the time.

I had gone in for surgery to have my knee replaced. Everyone assumed it would go to plan… Six weeks recovery and physical therapy and I was supposed to be as good as new!

But that’s not exactly how things ended up working out. In fact, far from it!

Instead, something far more terrifying happened. I was woken up on the operating table and told that my femur had broken and I needed a metal plate put in.

The next time I gained consciousness, I was given even more bad news… I came to find out, the new metal plate had negatively affected my artificial hip joint.

When it rains it pours I guess, and that’s when all the complications set in – problems with incisions and serious infections requiring intravenous injections. I’ll spare you all the gory details, but needless to say I wouldn’t be able to walk unaided for at least three months.

I kept my attitude in check because in times like that, attitude is about all we have to go on, so instead of letting it depress me, which would have been very easy to do, I decided to simply see it as a temporary set-back.

The real issue I was facing though, was that the three months sentence would put me at the beginning of the busy season of my bed and breakfast.   So the good news was, everything was going to work out fine. Or so it would seem.

It became obvious that I would need to depend on my cleaning help more, and breakfast would become self-serve. (Bed and breakfast guests are wonderful and no one complained about the changes to the breakfast – as a matter of fact, many times several or all of the guests also picked up the dining table!)

Little did I know at the time, those three months would stretch into nine… then twelve and after a year, my mobility was sadly still affected.

Not only could I not serve breakfast, but I was limited to how much cleaning I could do and it probably goes without saying, outside work and landscaping was all but impossible.  Worse still, something as crucial as grocery shopping required someone to accompany me.

It was becoming clearer to me that I was no longer going to be able to serve my guests the way I felt they deserved, so I made the heart-breaking decision to sell my beautiful bed and breakfast.

As you can imagine, the flood of emotions was overwhelming at times… because owning and running a successful bed and breakfast was the fulfillment of my dearest dream and reality for so many years.

In fact, to be 100% truthful, the experience exceeded my most hoped for expectations…

I LOVED it! Every aspect of it and although the work wasn’t always easy, it was extremely satisfying and rewarding.

I fell in love with all of my guests and having my regulars stay with me year after year gave me all the proof and confidence I needed to know I was doing things right.

My systems and processes were working so well, that business got better and better, year after year.

I was so inspired and excited about what I was creating I began writing about it on my blog and then something fun and unexpected started to happen… Other people who wanted to own a B&B started reaching out to me, asking for advice and requesting consulting calls to talk about goals and ideas and help with business growth and planning strategies.

I loved having those conversations and building those relationships as much as I loved serving my guests… and over time, I began making a name for myself in the industry as “The B&B Coach”.

Over the years I developed and began selling online courses and trainings to help folks like you at all stages of their B&B journey.

I created Design Your Dream B&B Minicourse for those who were just getting started and wondering if owning a bed and breakfast was really the right thing for them…

To How to Create Your Own, Personalized List of Pros and Cons for those who were wondering whether to make the decision to jump in with both feet…

To my full-fledged flagship Learn How Much Your Future B&B Can Earn that guides you through the entire process from start to finish, soup to nuts to figure out how much money they could realistically make…

The problem was, I was only able to focus on the mentoring and training part of being The B&B Coach part-time, because each year, when the business season started, I had to put all of that on hold to serve my guests.

And while I envisioned serving guests in my beautiful little award winning B&B for the rest of my life… That part of the dream wasn’t written in the stars for me, due to those health issues.

So I had to focus on the silver lining, when the world handed me that bag of lemons… I decided to start making lemonade.

While the dream didn’t pan out exactly as I had planned or anticipated, I am inspired and excited about the new direction we’ll be moving in together!

More about that in a second.

To cut a long story short, and state the obvious change is hard, even if it’s something you really, really want.

It’s scary to say the least and requires a lot of guts, moxie and in most cases a huge leap of faith.

And as you can imagine, it’s even harder when you are parting with something that has been such a special and important part of your life and livelihood for such a long time.  And while I loved being an award-winning bed and breakfast owner, the sale of that little gem is enabling me to embrace my role as The B&B Coach full time – helping you and countless others realize the dream of owning and running a successful bed & breakfast.

I know that sharing the important lessons of my years of front line, in the trenches experience is going to allow you to bypass so many of the pitfalls, landmines and hurdles you would otherwise face, trying to figure things out on your own.

I look forward to sharing all of my hard-fought lessons, innovative tips, techniques and strategies that are guaranteed to help you eliminate all the guesswork, stress and frustration that comes with figuring things out through the slow, painful and most often expensive path of trial and error.,.

So you can expedite success and get to the fun, rewarding and profitable part of bed & breakfast ownership.

If you’re serious about owning a bed and breakfast, regardless of where you are on your journey of realizing that wonderful dream, I’m going to be here to hold your hand to help you each step of the way, all year round now, full time!

I look forward to building a relationship with you and sharing my decade plus of real world experience in every aspect of B&B life.

Whether you are at the point of locating, evaluating and buying… running and growing or even selling and transitioning to the next phase… I have valuable advice and feedback to share.

I would love to hear about YOU and where you are on your bed & breakfast journey, so please feel free to reply to ANY of my emails with thoughts and questions.

I answer every email personally and will always do my best to point you in the right direction.

Keep an eye on your inbox, because I’ll be sending lots of quality content to help you along the way.

Cheers, to a new exciting direction.

Susan Poole
The B&B Coach


  1. Jackie Davis

    Launching a B&B is my dream. Couching on the financial side of it is my biggest need.

    1. Susan Poole Post author

      Hi Jackie:

      Congratulations on wanting to own a bed and breakfast. It is a great lifestyle if you are prepared for the reality of it! My Learn How Much Your Future B&B Can Earn is the course that will walk you step-by-step through how to calculate your revenue and expenses – based on your situation. All you need to do is follow the link and sign up for the course. Each lesson offers the opportunity to meet with me one-on-one to go over your results before moving onto the next lesson, making sure you stay on the right track.

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