Measuring the Impact of Running a Bed & Breakfast on Relationships

There is no way you can think about running a bed & breakfast without it having an impact on the other people in your life.  Even if you are single, there are people in your life that care about you, and have certain expectations of you.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself – and those special others!

  • How supportive is your partner/immediate and extended family/friends of the idea of you opening and operating a bed and breakfast?
  • If you will be sharing the financial investment to get set up and running the b and b, how are you going to manage that?  Who will be responsible for purchases, on-going costs and re-payments?
  • What impacts will there be on your relationship with these people? For example, if you get ill, do you expect them to be able to pick up the slack? Will they understand if guests are late checking-in and you can’t leave for a prior commitment?
  • When you get stressed/have disagreements with the special people in your life, how do you handle it?  How can you minimize the impact? How can you build in contingencies to deal with these types of situations?
  • What will you do to make sure you don’t burn out?

And finally, one of the hardest issues to deal with – how will you deal with family and friends who want to come and stay at your B&B?  It is key they understand that this is how you make money – and if they are taking up a room, their stay will cost you income.

The best advice I ever received was from an experienced B&B owner I met when searching for my property.  She advised me to create a policy for family and friends even before I opened, and make sure I state it up front if they mention they would like to come and visit.

Different bed and breakfast owners have different ways of handling it – some B&B owners close at specific times to allow for family and friends to visit.  Read about what my options were HERE.

What would work best for you?

Are you and those around you prepared to make the kinds of concessions required to accommodate paying guests in your home?

The “Design Your Dream B&B System” is designed to identify the issues that may arise for you in your particular situation.  Going in with your eyes open and some back-up plans will make your chances for success much better!

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