Pictures are a B&B Owner’s Best Friend

As a new bed and breakfast owner, you will be proud of your property.  Photos of your bed and breakfast are generally the first thing a potential guest sees – either on your web site or in print material.  They provide the first impression of your bed and breakfast and can be a deal maker – or breaker – for the booking.


BEFORE                                                                                         AFTER

Digital cameras are abundant these days.  This means that many bed and breakfast owners think that they are able to provide all their photos, and forego the benefits that can be derived from professional photography.

The goal of a professional photographer is to provide a visual story that entices the viewer to want more.  They ensure that the photos are taken with the right lighting; and in the correct scale and proportion to prevent rooms from appearing larger or smaller than they really are.  Photographers can also bring or provide added flair or draw attention to specific features in a certain room through the use of props.

In order to find the right professional photographer for you:

  • Ask other bed and breakfast owners for recommendations; search other B&B web sites for pictures that you like and find out who took them
  • Arrange a time to consult with a photographer either by phone or in person, and have a list of questions/topics to discuss
  • Do not shy away from discussing your budget, as most photographers can customize a package to fit your needs (do not immediately assume you are unable to afford professional photos)
  • Ask the photographer for examples of other interior work they have done, for other B&B references and call those owners to find out what they thought about their experience with the photographer
  • Be open to any suggestions the photographer might have as they may bring a fresh perspective
  • Find out how the final product will be provided and what you can expect to receive
  • Find out the photographer’s policy on photo ownership
  • Ask for a written quote that details the plan that has been agreed upon

Communication is vital between the bed and breakfast owner and the photographer to ensure that expectations on both sides are met.  In addition, know in advance how you will handle guests during the time the photographer is at your bed and breakfast.

Top 10 things to do to prepare your bed and breakfast for a photo session:

  • Have all rooms clean and clear of clutter
  • Windows are a vital part of photography that is often overlooked.  Have all windows clean, and presentable


BEFORE                                                                                      AFTER

  • Put a plan together with your photographer to prepare appropriate props for staging and have them available at the time of the shoot
  • Be available during the session for any assistance the photographer might need
  • Have a list of the unique features of your property that you want the photographer to focus on
  • Keeping in mind what you want accomplished, prepare a list that prioritizes what you would like photographed
  • Make sure the light bulbs in all rooms & exterior of the b and b are in working condition
  • Do not neglect the exterior of the property as it is just as important for marketing your business
  • If you would like to have your food photographed, know what dishes you plan to prepare ahead of time
  • Be prepared with supplies for utilizing your fireplace and your bathtub(s) as these are inviting focus points for guests

Giving time and thought to the visual aspects of your inn will reap long lasting rewards.  Professional photography can help capture what is mot sought out by potential guests…a warm, inviting atmosphere where attention to every little detail is evident.  Through photography, a potential guest can be transported to your bed and breakfast where they will be drawn to the warmth and comfort they are seeking on a visit to your bed and breakfast.

This post was provided by Marcus Berg – one of Oregon’s premier architectural photographers. Unique Angles Photography captures both the accommodations and cuisine of Bed and Breakfasts, Specialty Inns, and both residential and commercial design. He excels at showcasing Bed & Breakfasts and Specialty Inns through careful staging and the use of unique angles.

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