It’s scary knowing if owning a b and b is right for you

Since I posted my free book 3 questions everyone who wants to own a bed and breakfast asks – or should!  I’ve had many people telling me that they relate to my story about how I went about owning a bed and breakfast.  Yes, I was scared.  Yes, I was frustrated with the fact that I couldn’t nail down definitive answers to all my questions.  But, I did it.

Let’s talk about being scared.  Anything that is new, different or requires change is scary – it’s a fact of life.  I am not exceptionally brave, and even I required a kick in the proverbial “rear-end” – not once, but twice before I actually took the plunge into owning a bed and breakfast.

How did I get over my fears?

I took a weekend course by a motivational/leadership speaker by the name of Robin Sharma to understand the unconscious fears that were holding me back, and I learned a lot about myself and how and why I approach things in my life.  It was an eye-opening experience!

After that course, I started to dig into the topic of owning a bed and breakfast as I described in the book, and while I increased my knowledge and confidence to realize this was something I could more than likely pull off, it was really hard to take that final step.  So, I went and did the workshop again – and was able to learn even more about myself and what was stopping me.  To be really honest, I think was looking for someone else to make the decision for me, so that if things didn’t work out, I could always blame them for the situation.

However, there wasn’t anyone else…so I had to do it!  My first step started me on a path to a life even better than the one I imagined!  And yes, even when I had successful seasons under my belt, I sometimes still got scared…But I’ve learned that no one has ever died from fear!

So, what are the fears that are holding you back?  And, even better – what are you going to do about them? Leave me a comment or send me an e-mail – I’d love to know I’m not alone!

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