Why it must be YOUR Dream Bed & Breakfast Business

There is a lot of advice out there on what a perfect bed and breakfast business “should” look like.  However, as a coach, I believe you must stay as true to your dream B&B as you possibly can in order to be successful.  Seeing our dreams come to fruition is exciting and fun – and we want to share our passion with others.

Think about it this way:  have you ever been in the market for an appliance and done your research, narrowing down your choices to a couple of stores to visit?  If price, warranty and delivery charges are the same, what was the deciding factor for you?  Chances are it was the salesperson.  What you sensed and felt from that person – as opposed to what they actually said – was the tie-breaker.


Believing in your dream – whether it is a bed and breakfast, small inn or guesthouse – means that when you speak with people about what you have to offer, you have a far better chance of making an honest connection with that potential guest – even if it is over the phone.

How can your belief in your bed and breakfast drive sales?

Real communication goes beyond the words you use, your tone of voice and facts that you provide. Yes, people listen to the facts, but the actual buying occurs when their emotions are engaged.

When you believe in whatever it is you are selling, you do a much better job when you are passionate about your bed and breakfast – it allows you to make a real connection with people.  They can sense your belief, integrity and authenticity.

While understanding what travelers are willing to pay for and having systems and tools in place to make your bed and breakfast efficient, it is your passion that will make you successful.  If you’re just beginning your journey, what are the issues that are scaring you?

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